Unity插件 – 排行榜扩展框架 Rankings & Leaderboards

File size: 16.2MB

Version: 1.0.1

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.15 or higher

Rankings and Leaderboards lay the foundation for easily creating your own leaderboard implementation. Rich in functions, with sorting, highlighting current users and paging functions. Rankings and leaderboards are an extensible framework that helps you create personalized leaderboards. It contains the logic to save, load, display, sort, and paginate ranking. It includes a demonstration with a leaderboard implementation example. With this asset, you can easily create your own visual representation using the underlying framework.

The code is extensible, so you can use it for your own custom ranking and save formats. The demonstration includes an example of loading a leaderboard from locally available data, such as in JSON format.


provides paging. Includes multiple sorting types. Support local save/load. Easily find ranking entries by ID. Easily expand to meet your project needs. You can connect to remote APIs. Includes a demonstration scenario that includes an example of a leaderboard using JSON data. Tested and optimized for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and the Web (WebGL).