Unity插件 – 程序化常春藤生成器 Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator

2023.05.25 Updated version

File size: 93.3 mb

Version: 2.0.8

Original Unity Version: 2018.4.26 or higher

“Welcome to Real Ivy 2, the Unity program Ivy and Climbing Plant Generator, which allows you to create amazingly realistic climbing plants!

Real Ivy uses colliders in the scene to generate ivy and climbing plants as a basis for growth, climbing, and adaptation, and can be used to create amazing growth animations at runtime.

You can create your plants at design time, run time, or a combination of the two, you can pre-bake ivy in the editor, and then grow it over time in your game.

main features-ivy painting system-program growth system-high-quality preset system-design-time and run-time support-normal mapping, reflection, PBR support-Customizable leaf and branch shapes-Placement by one-click scene view-Customizable growth paths-Lightmap support-Optimized mesh-Friendly user interface

Major changes in V2 – 100% Redesigned user interface and user experience-Improved preset system-New runtime baked ivy-Including high-quality preset-Custom animated shaders including [built-in/ URP / HDRP]-Nine tools for manual optimization-Prefast-based leaves-Support for multiple leaf types-Atlassified leaf support-More optimized vine geometry-32-bit mesh buffer support (no vertex constraints)- Optimized memory usage runs.

You can use any shader with the generated mesh, so if you have a specific vegetation shader, it will be compatible with this tool.

compatible-Built-in rendering pipeline-High-definition rendering pipeline-Universal rendering pipeline-Zoom in shader editor

To use Real Ivy, you simply: -Select a preset-Click where you want the ivy to grow-Click Start Growth-Save the generated mesh