2023.09.06 Updated version

File Size: 220.0 MB

Version: 3.6.3

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.0 or higher

TerraLand uses its Streaming system to create high-resolution real-world 3D terrain at the editor and runtime.

TerraLand is suitable not only for real-world terrain, but also for user-defined terrain data files to create any surface (e.g., Moon, Mars) from any external terrain generator (e.g., World Machine, Geoglyph, World Creator, Houdini, etc.). The Streaming feature built into

TerraLand takes Unity Terrains to a whole new level, where the huge world will be updated with intelligent behavior around players, using a combination of multithreading and asynchronous features without worrying about performance.

TerraLand can also load splatmaps at runtime, so any rendering from World Machine, Geoglyph, World Creator, Houdini, etc. can be easily converted to streaming tiles. By using the processor in TerraLand,

becomes a complete suite for terrain enthusiasts who need to do any terrain editing operations in Unity without even having to leave it.

Although the interface provides users with accurate coordinate data, detailed geolocation and georeferencing operations are possible in any complex GIS/simulation/game project.

We made TerraLand 3 into a comprehensive package that contains a large number of demonstration scenarios and simple, rich tutorials that will allow you to quickly start various terrain operations in Unity.