Unity插件 – 实时环境创建系统 Genesis for MicroVerse

File size: 1.1MB

Version: 1.7.3

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.29 or higher

Genesis for MicroVerse is an extension of MicroVerse. Created by industry expert Jason Booth, MicroVerse is a non-destructive real-time environment creation system. No baking, no waiting, no preview windows-everything is real-time, editable and updated in real time. The focus of

Genesis is to get you started using MicroVerse settings quickly. It includes assistive tools that allow you to quickly and flexibly adjust your scene. When Jason started developing MicroVerse, he asked me if I would join and contribute to demonstration scenarios and testing. To do this, I needed to create various terrain settings in a quick and flexible way. This is the birth of Genesis, and I think I should share this asset because I think it will be useful to you, too.