Unity插件 – 实时变换控制插件 Runtime Transform Gizmos

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Version: 2.0

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.15 or later

Welcome to the runtime transformation gadget!

· 3D Collider Gadgets (Box, Sphere, Capsule, and Character Controller Gadgets)·Light Gadgets (Orientation, Point Light, and Spotlight Gadgets)·Terrain Gadgets (Change terrain height, update objects in radius, elevation curves) Two additional PDF files can be found in the document folder: RCLG document and RTRG document.

RTG is a scripting API that allows you to easily merge and transform gadgets at runtime (in-game).

ability to use an intuitive and professional set of widgets to convert objects at runtime can be very valuable, especially if you are developing a runtime editor or a game in which players can move, rotate and scale objects. Want to build a modular tool for your players? Then you definitely need some way to allow them to manipulate objects in the scene, and this plug-in will prove invaluable for such tasks!