, Unity插件 – 写实雨滴生成插件 HDRP – Wet Shaders : Rainy 3D Objects,


file size: 42.1 MB

version: 2020.1

support Unity version: 2019.4.0 or higher

creates realistic raindrops on 3D objects to improve the visual effect of any rain scene in real time. Describe that

raindrops are generated automatically, and each raindrop falls at a random rate, leaving any visible repetition.

move and rotate opaque or transparent objects in your environment, and raindrops will always fall.

supported Unity version

2019.4.x long-term support

2020.3.x long-term support

this file includes HDRP shaders.

by default, the package is set to be compatible with Unity 2019.4.x. If you are using Unity 2020.3.x, delete the HDRP folder and extract the HDRP-Rainy 3D Objects_2020.3.x.unitypackage.

this package comes with a demonstration scene using 1k and 2k textures in .png format.

contains document


– rainy 3D object transparent

– rainy 3D object opaque Lite version

– Rainy 3D object opaque Professional Edition (coming soon)


– HDRP support.

– PBR metal workflow.

-Mask maps: metal, Ao, height maps, and smooth channel fill textures.

– height map support.

-designed for static 3D objects.

– automatically generated raindrops.

-completely controls the appearance of raindrops (intensity, number, size, speed, noise turbulence, normal intensity, smoothness).

– the random speed of each raindrop line.

– projects raindrop lines using world space coordinates.

-complete control over the intensity, quantity, size, speed) left by raindrops.

– extra reflection control of raindrops (hue, intensity, blur).

– transparency and refraction.