Unity插件 – 道路建模插件 EasyRoads3D Pro Add On – HD Roads

File size: 1.1 GB

Version: 1.2.4

Original Unity Version: 2017.1.0 or higher

HD Roads package is an add-on to the popular Unity EasyRoads3D Pro road system tool. The asset includes ready-to-use road types and intersection prefabricated components, set up with AAA quality materials.

This resource pack is a plug-in for the EasyRoads3D Pro Professional Edition that comes with high-definition content and ready-to-use road-like prefabricated and road-related objects.

All resources are PBR and support Unity 2017, 2018 and Unity 2019, HD SRP and LW SRP. All roads are connected to each other in a seamless and natural way when unwrapped, or you can choose to change the connection manually-by default, they are connected randomly from predefined decal types. Direct road connections are natural and are made based on existing road connections in the real world. The included texture map saves GPU and memory usage. Crossroads can be made using only a very small amount of texture. In fact, the entire road system does not require a large amount of application memory. With this resource pack, roads will get an AAA look.

This specific road material can be used with the free version of EasyRoads3D.

resource pack features: -Different road connections out of the box-Large image content library-Compiled with textures to avoid consuming a lot of memory-Special shaders to keep memory and GPU usage low-Road map set that supports custom road