Unity插件 – 道路建模插件 EasyRoads3D Pro v3

2024.05.09 Updated version

File Size: 13.3 MB

Version: v3.2.4 f1

Support Unity Version: 5.6.4 or higher

Road infrastructure and parametric modeling in Unity

Use built-in customizable dynamic intersection prefabricated and custom intersection prefabricated based on your own imported models to create unique road networks directly in Unity.


add additional auxiliary objects to bring your scene to life: bridges, safety guardrails, fences, walls, wires, woods or any other geometric shape along the way. The

EurityRoads3D v3 toolset can also be used to create other infrastructure, such as railways and rivers with river beds carved into terrain.


-Create winding roads or muddy paths in scenic environments and complex urban road networks. – Built-in customizable intersections-Custom intersections-Import your own intersection model-Auxiliary objects: bridges, guardrails, fences, fences, wires, etc. – Custom shapes for other infrastructure (e.g. railways and rivers)-terrain conforms to road shapes, moving vegetation/trees, optional road shape baking in terrain maps-Road data import for real-world visualization (OSM/KML)-Scripted API: Road creation through code in the Unity editor and at runtime