Unity插件 – 道路河流湖泊丘陵地形制作绘画系统 Path Painter II

File size: 83.9MB

Version: 2.1.10

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or later

Path Painter is Unity’s first painting system of its kind. Very easy to use but powerful. It allows you to shape the terrain, paint textures and clear vegetation like you have never done before.

Path Painter was created in 2017 by Frank, founder of 3D Haven, because he needed a very simple and fast solution to create paths on Unity terrain. The tool caught the attention of industry professionals, who urged him to release it on the Asset Store. Creating paths for


has never been easier. Create beautiful paths and design your levels in just a few seconds. In short, Path Painter is great for creating paths and doing some terrain shaping on Unity terrain, but our great users still surprise us with some cool new uses from time to time.

Path Painter helps you shape, texture, and remove vegetation simultaneously. It allows you to adjust and fine-tune your path directly after creation, and gives you a lot of control, helping you create your dream path in seconds. It also helps you create the perfect path for your character using the automatic ramp feature.

Path Painter II works in large multi-terrain environments, allowing you to create the level design of your dreams. Over the years, we have seen amazing trails, roads, rivers, lakes, hills, plateau mountains, valleys, sand dunes, and the list goes on. Some of our users like to use Path Painter for most terrain shaping. We hope you can enjoy using it as much as they do!

Path Painter comes with an API that allows you to drive Path Painter in different ways (such as using splines) and even use it in your games (examples provided in the demonstration).