Unity插件 – 绳子模拟插件 Obi Rope

Unity插件 – 绳子模拟插件 Obi Rope

2023.10.06 Updated version

File size: 20.4 MB

Version: 6.5.4

Original Unity version: 2019.4.30 or higher

Obi is an advanced particle-based physics engine that simulates the behavior of various deformable materials.

If it has Burst, Jobs, Collections, and Mathematics resource packs, it can be compatible with all platforms on which Burst can compile. Without these resource packs, it can still run, but only on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

Using Obi Rope, you can create ropes and rods in seconds while fully controlling their shape and behavior: Guided particle technology can use different twist/twist effects on the rods. The rope is more lightweight and can be cut/adjusted to size. Both can collide with the environment and each other, or they can attach to hard bodies.


differ from other rope solutions in that this system is not based on hard bodies and joints. It is based on XPBD particles, which makes it lighter, richer in detail, and has unconditional stability.