Unity插件 – 角色控制器保存系统 Save System for Opsive Character Controllers

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Version: 2.0.1

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.22 or later

requires Opsive Role Controller Version 3. Universal storage system for Opsive controllers and other game data.


apply to all Unity versions 2020.3+, including 2021 and 2022.

This easy-to-use add-on is available on all Opsive Character Controller versions 3.x and saves the information listed below when saving games and changing scenes:

player statistics, inventory, location, current scene and currently selected perspective

status of pickups, destructibles, movable objects, animators, game object active/inactive status, etc. Objects in the scene

include support for the ultimate inventory system.

It also includes:

Scene Changes Portal Scene Save/Load CheckpointSave triggers Save to encrypted disk files, PlayerPrefs or Custom Storage

Unlike generic save assets that only save data, the Opsive Role Controller’s save system saves and restores Opsive’s role system, executing the routines needed to put all Opsive components in their correct state. It also includes a universal storage system.


do not require scripting, but contain a complete and detailed record of the C#source code.


can also be easily extended to save your own custom data and include a Getting Started Template script-just add your code where the comments indicate!

include third-party integrations:

Compass Navigator Professional Edition Emerald AI (Save Location and Status) HUD Navigation System Inventory Engine Organizer tactical shooter AI Ultimate Inventory System

If your project uses Unity or Quest Machine’s Conversation System, you do not need this asset. They already include Opsive Role Controller support.