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File size: 257.6 MB

Version: 1.3.7

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.32 or later

This professional kit contains various features and tools to help you build science fiction space simulation games.


are highly configurable: The sci-fi ship controller is designed to maximize versatility, providing options for real-life Newtonian physics or more arcade style flight models. From complete six-degree-of-freedom spacecraft and anti-gravity racing cars, to jet fighters and aircraft with limited degrees of freedom, we support all types of spacecraft. All visualization elements can be fully customized and support adding your own spacecraft models, audio and visual effects.

AI System: The Sci-Fi Ship Controller comes with a scalable state-based out-of-the-box AI system. The AI system supports targeting other spacecraft, following paths, avoiding obstacles and more functions (subject to further development in the future), giving your game life. Flexible and easy-to-use APIs (code examples included in manuals and demonstration scenarios) allow easy switching of states and writing custom states and behaviors to meet the specific needs of the game. Whether it’s those who only want to use default states and write as little code as possible, or core developers who want adequate control over state transition behavior, we can meet their various levels of control needs.

combat system: With the sci-fi ship controller, you can add any number of weapons to the spacecraft, as well as configure rate of fire, projection and more. There are three different damage models for you to choose from to achieve simple, single-valued health damage, and then progressive damage and/or local damage, with individual parts of the performance affected by collisions and damage caused by the projection.

Player Input Module: An easy-to-use player input module comes with the Sci-Fi Ship Controller. We support direct keyboard entry, older versions of Unity input systems, new versions of Unity input systems (Unity 2019.1 and above), Rewired, and Oculus and Vive input systems.

aerodynamics: Sci-fi ship controllers support the addition of wings and control surfaces to spacecraft, providing simulations of drag, angular drag, lift-induced drag and lift. Excellent performance of


: The science fiction ship controller is built from scratch and is committed to achieving optimal performance, supporting hundreds of spacecraft operating at once. It also supports projection DOTS (Unity 2019.1 and above). For non-DOTS projection, we have a high-performance pool system.