Unity插件 – 脚本引擎插件 OneJS

File size: 2.0 MB

Version: 1.5.9

Original Unity Version: 2022.2.5 or later

OneJS is a scripting engine and UI solution specially designed for Unity. It is lightweight, high-performance, purely based on C#, has first-class Typescript support, and is suitable for use anywhere. The biggest benefit of

OneJS is the ability to design UI using the React (JSX) workflow. We do this by providing Preact with a thin layer of “dom”. Under the hood, it’s just pure UIElements, so things will be very efficient. UI Toolkit’s controls, events, vector APIs, and styles are all available out of the box.


use OneJS and no longer need to compile C#scripts every time you change some UI code. You will have ultra-fast iteration times, especially when using the built-in Live Reload.

In addition to the UI, you can easily use OneJS to build Addon systems for your players, so that they can also have the powerful features of Typescript + JSX + CSS to create addons/mods/contents for your game.