Unity插件 – 传感器工具包 SensorToolkit 2

2024.04.16 Updated version

file size: 1.8 MB

Version: 2.5.13

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.42 or higher

Sensor Toolkit is a collection of “sensor” components that detect objects and sense the world around them. It gracefully manages the complexity of object detection so you can focus on interesting things. The

SensorToolkit is a powerful abstraction of built-in Unity features such as Raycasts, Overlaps, and Trigger Colliders. You can add separate sensor components to your game objects and configure them as needed. Sensors can be queried to determine what they detect and provide other information, such as the visibility or shape of a target.


·Available in 2D and 3D.

·Many sensor types are available: light casting, overlap, steering, line of sight, etc.

·Lightweight and modular. Sensors are independent components native to Unity.

·Easy to integrate with your project: just add a sensor component and configure it.

·Flexible and eclectic, allowing you to design your game to your needs.

·Various filtering options and query functions allow accurate detection.

·Ability to detect a single collider or a rigid body composed of multiple colliders.

·Advanced line-of-sight implementation can calculate partial visibility.

·Performance is the focus and there are many options for controlling performance.

·Test the sensors in the editor and confirm their configuration before running the game.

·Updated steering behavior based on the “context-based steering” method.

·Contains all source code.

·Zero garbage generation.