Unity插件 – 自行车物理引擎 Simple Bicycle Physics

2023.08.26 Updated plug-in version

File size: 262.3 MB

Version: 2.5

Support Unity version: 2020.3.14 or higher

” What’s in the package:

+ 11 bicycle variants

+ 1 prototype environment. [Excluding the environment in videos and display pictures]

+ controller, IK and animation scripts

+ 5 riders of different fabric textures-cycling clothing (yellow, white), white shirt, white shoes, black/yellow casual jacket, green/red sweatshirt, rider with backpack and helmet, rag dolls.

+ 3 animations, all other animations are programmatic

+ Editor scripts to help set up custom characters and record and play to add multiple characters

+ 13 scenes

+ 12 pages of document