Unity插件 – 天空和天气环境插件 Enviro Lite – Sky and Weather

file size: 198.2 MB

version: 2.4.2

original Unity version: 2019.4.26 or higher

Enviro Lite-complete dynamic lightweight sky and weather solution!

very simple setup:

the new manager component makes it as easy as possible to set up Enviro Lite in your scene.

file system: the stripped-down configuration file system of

Enviro allows you to adjust the sky as easily as possible. Adjust the settings at run time and save to the configuration file. Load configuration files at design and run time. Create different profiles for different scenarios or share your configuration with other users.

day and night cycle:

Enviro Lite supports realistic day and night cycles. It has the correct position of the sun and moon as well as full position support of longitude and latitude. You can choose to use the system time or have enviro update the time based on real-time minutes.

sky box:

Enviro Lite contains a light sky box shader to get a beautiful dynamic sky! It is easy to adjust because you have only two gradients, one for the horizon and one for the top sky. Add some Mie scattering and you will get a realistic sky, supported by all platforms and very lightweight.


Enviro Lite will illuminate your scene realistically according to the height of the sun. You have complete control over light intensity and color by modifying curves and gradients directly in the editor! Of course, you can also choose between different ambient light modes.


Enviro Lite will change the season and get a component to exchange the texture of game objects, materials, and Unity terrain. You are not limited to reality settings! You can set the start and end dates of each season. Enviro also supports temperature simulations based on season, time, and current weather.


beautiful dynamic sky based on particles and sky box clouds. These clouds are fast and look great. Enviro Lite also supports cirrus clouds that are rendered directly in the Sky Box. Through three layers of clouds, you can get amazing dynamic skies for your project.

foggy sections:

need amazing fog? Enviro Lite includes advanced light scattering fog image effects, supporting distance, height and sky fog. Do you need to fog on the transparent material? No problem, with just a few lines of code, you can modify your transparent shader to fog it correctly. And has included some particles and transparent shaders to help you get started! But for performance reasons, especially on mobile phones, you can also use Unity forward fog. The color of the fog will match your sky horizon to get a realistic dynamic appearance.


Enviro Lite includes a very powerful weather system. You can create your own weather types and drive light, sky, fog, and clouds. Enviro supports all types of unified hand sword particle effects, giving you the freedom to create any weather effect you can think of. It includes 11 prefabricated weather types, including sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy and foggy weather. You can enable lightning storms and choose different environments and weather sounds for each weather, and make a smooth transition.


Enviro Lite supports UNet, Mirror and Photon right out of the box. It will synchronize time and weather with all players. Enviro Lite also provides a minimum mode for headless servers, calculating only time and weather, that’s all.

virtual reality:

Enviro Lite supports multi-channel and single-channel instance rendering! Test on Oculus Rift.

that’s not all! Enviro Lite includes more powerful features:

* event system of game logic.

* Weather area. Create as many areas with your own weather as possible for your biological community.

* vegetation growth.