, Unity插件 – 天空和天气系统插件 Enviro 3 – Sky and Weather,


2024.05.20 newer plug-in version

file size: 235.5 MB

version: 3.1.2a

support Unity version: 2020.3.36 or higher

Enviro 3-Sky and weather is a modular design of sky, volume clouds and weather systems. Easy to use, massive customization, amazing visual effects!

Enviro 3-Sky and Weather. Unity’s next generation sky, clouds and weather!

simple setup and perfect workflow!

a simple drag-and-drop setting makes Enviro easy and fast to implement in your project. The interface is carefully designed for quick workflows. Each setting can be controlled from an inspector window. No more search!

built-in RP, generic RP,HDRP

Enviro 3 supports all rendering pipelines that are ready to use out of the box.

modular design

Enviro 3 is modular from beginning to end. Just add or remove the modules you need directly from the Enviro inspector. For example. Just need a volume cloud solution because you want to keep your time, sky and lighting system? No problem! All functions are optional

dynamic Sky

the Sky system is carefully designed for optimal performance and flexibility. Work with multi-color gradients instead of adjusting artificial numbers. It’s easy to create a unique, very realistic sky for your project.


realistic and easy-to-adjust lighting controlled by Enviro will make your scene more vivid. Enviro can control your directional lighting, ambient lighting and reflection probe for best results-especially when using dynamic time.

volume cloud

Enviro 3 includes a double-layer volume cloud system. Due to time reprojection and LOD system, it provides amazing visual effects and good performance. It also supports deep fusion with the shadows of your scene and screen space clouds.

fog and volume lighting

double fog system based on exponential height is ideal for visually amazing fog or even ghostly scenes. It also supports volume lighting that casts light from the sun / moon. Point lights and spotlights can also illuminate fog. You can create an effect elimination zone to remove fog, rain and snow from places you don’t need. The

weather system

Enviro 3 includes an optional preset-based weather system that supports biota. Create different presets for unique weather conditions and change them smoothly with one line of code.

aurora borealis

need some aurora borealis on cold nights? Enviro includes a beautiful and customizable aurora effect that is rendered in sky shaders.

virtual reality

Enviro 3 supports single-channel instance rendering of VR in built-in and URP. Test it on my Rift HMD. HDRP VR support will be available in future updates.