Unity插件 – 智能街机车辆  Arcade Vehicle Ai

2023.06.08 Updated version

File Size: 6.1 MB

Version: 1.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.12 or higher

Arcade Vehicle Ai is a very easy-to-use Arcade style Vehicle Ai tool. You can create a drivable vehicle Ai in 1 minute.

Arcade Vehicle Ai is a mobile friendly and very easy to use tool. Physics and. It has a quick setup tool where you just provide a reference to the body and wheels, then click 2 buttons and your vehicle Ai is ready.

-The kinematic logic is the same as the physics of an arcade vehicle.


fast vehicle settings (less than 1 minute) Path following (used for racing) Target following (used for car chases)

This asset is very easy to use. It has basic Ai motion logic. If you are developing an arcade vehicle-based game, such as car racing, car shooting, or simple racing cars with collectibles and parabolic objects, this asset will help you, you can use this mobility logic and add additional features based on your project needs. The code


is very well written, so it is a great learning resource for beginners. It is also easy to modify according to your project needs.