Unity插件 – 平稳的飞行器控制插件 Smooth Flight Control

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Version: 1.2

Original Unity Version: 2020.1.2 or higher

Smooth Flight Control Overview It is a drag-and-drop prefabricated component used for flight movements based on the user’s mouse/click input on the screen. You can use it for spacecraft and air combat games. Essentially, it is similar to the flight controls used in games such as Starfox, where the ship player will move smoothly and adjust the scroll angle accordingly.

movements and target

movements occur when you follow the mouse or click if coming from a mobile device. When the enemy is in front of the ship’s crosshair, it fires.

This package contains

1) Ship controller to smoothly follow mouse/click on preform 2) Double crosshair preform 3) Laser (projectile) preform 4) Endless parkour scene examples with enemy turrets and asteroids

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