Unity插件 – 网格轨迹生成器 Snow Mesh Trail Renderer

File size: 512.7KB

Version: 2.0

Original Unity Version: 4.0.0 or higher

Use the Snow Mesh Trail Renderer to draw 3d mesh trajectories in winter environments. Eliminate obstacles that do not require a trajectory by using layer masks or rendering the trajectory only on the terrain (such as sliding boxes in snow parks). In addition, the trajectory will only be drawn on the ground and will stop when in the air. You can also use this asset in environments other than snow, replacing textures and drawing your footsteps in the desert!

Features: -Start using different path prefab-Demonstration scene shows different settings-3d mesh paths-Different snow shaders-Draw paths only on the ground (in the air)-Layer mask objects-Let it only be drawn on the terrain-Mesh normals for lighting shaders-Mesh UVs for texture shaders