Unity插件 – 风格化2D艺术设计 ProtoSprite: Rapid 2D Art

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Version: 1.2.91

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.4 or later

Draw sprites directly in the context of the scene in the scene view in Unity. Quickly design and prototype the 2D world. Make art faster.


quickly create, draw, and edit sprites in the context of a scene directly in the scene view. Quickly create 2D art with minimum friction and tight Unity integration.


directly edit PNG texture files and are widely compatible with other software. No need to worry about custom file formats or extra components. Integrate seamlessly into your project without causing unnecessary chaos.


enhance your 2D art workflow. Even if you are very familiar with external art software, you will find ProtoSprite helpful in speeding up your workflow. Quickly adjust sprite pivots, size sprite textures, and sketch to make quick progress.

Create and copy

Quickly create new GameObjects using the Sprite Renderer and Link Texture (PNG) files. Use the Copy button to copy the texture to create a variant or frame-based animation.

Paint, erase and fill

Paint the texture of the sprite directly in the scene view. Allows you to paint in the context of the scene. See that all instances of texture change immediately. You can see updates to your changes on all instances of rocks/trees/props that you draw simultaneously! Pixel Perfect Mode allows you to quickly draw pixel-perfect lines freehand.


allows you to move each edge of the Sprite Renderer to increase or decrease the size of the associated texture. Automatically updates the pivot point of the wizard so that it remains in the same position relative to its position before resizing.


Quickly adjust the pivot point of the sprite, and you can choose a perfect interval that allows you to capture pixels.


Select a rectangular area on the sprite, and you can then move these selected pixels around the sprite. Use Ctrl/Cmd + C/V/X to rotate 90°, flip horizontally/vertically, or copy/paste/cut.