Unity插件 – 风格化卡通色彩 Toony Colors Pro 2

File size: 1.4 MB

Version: 3.5.1

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.36 or higher

Toony Colors Pro 2 is a collection of stylized shaders and tools that focus on ease of use for beginners, while providing in-depth customization for intermediate to expert users. Toony Colors Pro 2 brings together a collection of stylized shaders and tools, with the focus on simplicity and flexibility of operation. Make it easier for you to make Unity styled games! Including: ● Shader generator tool: Create your own shaders in dozens of functions ● Hybrid Shader that is automatically compatible with built-in and universal rendering pipelines ● Desktop/mobile versions of shaders ● PBS versions of shaders that support metal and mirror workflows ● Water templates: Generate your own stylized water shaders with depth effects, reflections and more ● Smooth Normal Tool: Repair broken hard edge contours ● Texture Potholes Tool: Easily create potholes and uneven textures and view changes in your materials in real time ● Extensive documentation: Check out the following links!

blending shader options: – Gradient coloring (Smooth, clear, striped or textured)-Highlight/shadow color (Color or texture of shadow)-Mirror (GGX PBR, stylized or clear)-edge lighting-MatCap-reflection detector-occlusion-normal map-mesh contour (reverse hull technology)-contour lighting-constant pixel size contour-transparency (Alpha Blending and Alpha Testing) Extended features in the

shader generator: -Texture Threshold (Handdrawn Shading)-Subplane Scattering-Color Mask-Sketch Overlay-Dissolve-Transparency-Stylized Water-Wind Animation-Occlusion Silhouettes-Texture Blending-Three-Plane Mapping… and more!

contain all source code!