Unity插件 – 风格化体积云 COZY: Plume – Volumetric Clouds Module

File size:4.5 MB


Original Unity Version:2021.3.15 or later

Use Plume: COZY3 ‘s volume cloud to fill your sky with a particle-based full volume cloud!

uses all cumulus clouds to bring new depth to your sky! COZY: Plume uses a cell-based block system to effectively generate cloud particles


Use onboard tools to extend your COZY system: Automatic block generation, culling and pooling of volume clouds generated by “e” based program can quickly generate clouds at any altitude, speed or location, bend clouds to the horizon, Create the illusion of a curved planet Use the profile system to design your own cloud types Automatically animate based on custom wind speeds and wind directions Automatically combine normals of nearby blocks to form large sticky clouds Generate colliders for clouds Accurate cloud shadows Disperse noise calculations to improve performance With or without COZY’s default cloud type

comes with 5 different cloud profiles:

default volume cloud-a balanced, comprehensive cloud that is perfect for any project! Tall clouds-exaggerated clouds make your sky look majestic Thin volume clouds-Simple thin clouds that add subtle depth to your scene Tiny Volumetric Clouds-Small 3D clouds that can be used for smaller scenes High-performance volume clouds-Example profile with settings optimized for the light system