Unity插件 – 用于 URP 的程式化水 Stylized Water For URP

Unity插件 – 用于 URP 的程式化水 Stylized Water For URP

require universal rendering pipelines (7.1.1+) and Unity 2019.3+

are designed for URP. Highly compatible with 100% Shader Graph

beautiful stylized water, designed for universal rendering pipelines. Rich in functions and can be easily customized.

Current features·Depth based color gradient·Surface foam·Cross-foam·Refraction·Caustics·Surface mirror reflection·Plane reflection· Gerstner wave·Vertex color support·World coordinates UV · Orthographic camera support·Mobile support· VR support·Custom material inspection panel·Support window·Full source code + SG node·A large number of documents

content·Desktop shaders·Mobile shaders·Foam, normals and caustics textures·Several water preforms and materials·Demonstration scene