Unity插件 – 水面湖泊海洋系统 Crest Ocean System HDRP

2024.01.07 Updated version

File Size: 415.5 MB

Version: 4.17.3

Support Unity Version: 2020.3.10 or higher

Crest is a technologically advanced, feature-rich marine system written by professional game developers for PC and console platforms. Programmable Render Pipeline (SRP) compatibility

Description Crest is a technologically advanced and feature-rich marine system for PC and console platforms and Unity 2019.4.0 or later. Please note that the high-definition rendering pipeline is best suited for high-end hardware.


* simulates light transmission, including reflection, refraction, scattering, and caustics approximations * fully dynamic waveforms, with innovative “equalizer” style ripple creation * Shallow water-light scattering and ripple attenuation * Underwater with local immersion (a post-processing effect rewritten for HDRP). * Dynamic interactions between objects and water * Simulate foam from ripples and shoreline * Achieve horizontal flow of water * Physical interfaces with simple buoyancy realization and support for dynamic hydrophysics 2 * projection