Unity插件 – 系统更新插件 PATCH – Updating System [Basic]

File size: 1.7MB

Version: 2.6.7

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or later

PATCH-Update System is a rock-solid, professional, smart and clean solution for managing and distributing updates to games and applications.

Your players can finally update the game without pain or headache, without having to download the entire game again when a new version appears. This will save them a lot of bandwidth and time!

It is fully compatible with. NET Core, so it can run on all desktop platforms on which. NET Core can run. Mobile platforms are not currently supported. It comes with implementations of Unity, WPF, WinForms, and the command line.

main features-patches generated by binary comparison algorithm-powerful patch compression-damaged/modified file repair-file attribute synchronization-fully customizable UI-no need for server-side code: Normal HTTP servers are sufficient-Sequential and non-Sequential patch processing-Shortest path calculation for updates-Detection of very old versions through full repair triggers-Self-repair update function

Management tool-Version management-Patch management-Launcher update management-CI/CD friendly, thanks to the command-line tool