Unity插件 – 目标锁定插件 MIS-LockOn

file size: 1.3 MB

Version: 1.2.5

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.2 or higher

MIS-LockOn is a custom add-on to Inductor that runs based on Inductor Template Middleware (MIS). The

Invector template (Invector) is one of the best controllers and can be upgraded using MIS and MIS packages. If you are not yet familiar with MIS, check out this MIS v2 quick installation guide.

aiming (including lockdown) and target indicator functions are essential in most games. MIS-LockOn integrates these two functions and provides better performance and easy customization. It’s not easy for


to attack enemies while moving fast. On the other hand, without the features provided by MIS-LockOn, it would be difficult to develop various weapons. At the same time, a better system is needed to target an increasing number of enemies.


All MIS combat packages including MIS-Motorcycle, MIS-MagicSpell, etc. will be developed based on MIS-LockOn. Give your players a faster, richer, and simpler combat system. All combat functions of the


MIS are developed using MIS-LockOn. It is very simple and provides amazing performance.