, Unity插件 – 任务系统 Quest Machine,


2024.03.18 updated plug-in version

file size: 16.8 MB

version: 1.2.43

original Unity version: 2020.3.0 or higher

Quest Machine is a fully functional, easy-to-use, extensible task system that allows you to add handwritten and program-generated tasks to the project. ” Tasks generated by the

program: create an unlimited number of tasks at run time based on the actual state of the game world. Your players will always have interesting things to do!

handwritten tasks: use a simple node-based editor to create any type of task. Not limited to a series of prototypes.

powerful and flexible UI system: dialogue UI: providing, updating, and handing in tasks. Task log: view active and completed tasks. Tracking HUD: displays the progress of the task. Warning HUD: displays a warning message. Head sign: let players know that NPC has conversations related to quests. Gracefully handle switching between mouse, keyboard, joystick, and touch input.

multi-function task control component: a simple event-based system to control object generation and task status.

advanced text processing: provide your character with a unique dialect. Localize task content and UI. Import and export to CSV (such as Excel and Google Sheets).

save and load: save and load games, keep data when the scene changes.

extensive platform support: works well in 2D and 3D. Support multiplayer games. Tested on Windows, Mac, WebGL, Android, iOS, Windows Store/UWP10.

great programmer support: contains complete, well-documented source code. A large number of scripts API. A simple starting template to create your task conditions, actions, UI content, and reward system.

includes the following support: compass navigator Pro dialogue system for Unity DMMap mini-map system Emerald AI HUD navigation system Invector controller Inventory Engine Inventory Pro Love/Hate Opsive role controller ORK Framework PlayMaker Rewired Super Text Mesh uMMORPG uSurvival