Unity插件 – 地形创建工具 World Composer

File size: 21.5 MB

Version: 1.88

Original Unity Version: 5.3.8 or higher

WorldComposer is a tool that extracts height map data and satellite images from the real world. It uses Bing Maps, just like the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

WorldComposer can create its own terrain, but the exported height maps (such as stamps) and satellite images can also be used in other terrain tools such as TerrainComposer 2, Gaia, WorldMachine, Mappic, WorldCreator, etc.


are powerful and can create high-resolution AAA quality real-world terrain with just a few clicks.

functions: * Support multi-terrain tiles * Elevation map resolution up to 10 meters per pixel * Satellite image resolution up to 0.25 meters per pixel Support Jpg/png/raw format * Content-aware padding removes shadows from the combined original image (achieves day and night cycles), water, Snow, etc. * Create huge multi-resolution terrain with different levels of detail * Integrate raw images into one large raw image such as editing in Photoshop. * Split the combined original file into tile images * Create terrain directly from the exported area with one click * 3 different satellite image types, air, air with labels and roads * Global coverage * Convert ArcInfo ASCII height maps to 16-bit raw gray scaled height maps * Create infinite areas and areas, Export image tiles of any height map size or number * Export multiple areas at once * Scroll the interface like Google Maps * WorldComposer and Unity remain interactive during the export process * Exported height maps and satellite images can be used in TerrainComposer2 * Available for RTPv3 and Horizon[On](optional)