Unity插件 – 地形道路制作插件 ProRoad

Unity插件 – 地形道路制作插件 ProRoad

plug-in version: V1.2714

ProRoad is a road creation tool for Unity. Its basic concepts and many rich features make it not only easy to use, but also a solution for any game important to the road. Description

ProRoad and its toolset have been used to make our successful racing game Revhead. We decided to release these tools to the public to help overcome those obstacles that arise when you are making a simulation game.

ProRoad has features such as radius-based curves, road slopes, intersections, segment-based material/texture use, road bumps, terrain tree/detail cleanup, or automatic (number-based) indentations. The resulting road mesh is the same as the terrain surface with no offsets, but if you want, you can set the mesh Y offset to raise the road mesh to the desired height. Special shaders are provided to avoid zigzag conflict issues, and HDRP and URP shaders are also included to support the universal/HD rendering pipeline. Also included in the package is a decal grid generator that can make road paintings, oil stains and other cool visual content, and a surface map Detection Tools that can be set for different road surface types such as tarmac, gravel, dirt, etc.

ProRoad also comes with additional tools such as the ObjectPlanter tool, Logger module, Surface map tool, Decal mesh generator to help add objects or integrate them into your game scene.