Unity插件 – 地形雕刻画笔 MapMagic 2 Brush

File size: 116.9MB

Version: 2.1.10

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or later

MapMagic Brush is a terrain carving and painting tool that can be used to draw heights, textures, objects (using object modules), trees (using object modules), and grass/details, even at the same time. Brush effects are defined using the MapMagic node diagram: this way you can create the precise brush behavior you like.

MapMagic Brush is a module of MapMagic 2 resources (free, provided with this package). To paint with objects and trees, an object module is needed. Drawing roads requires a spline module.

MapMagic Brush may come in handy for outsourcing level design. You can use MapMagic Brush as your own internal tool-the final results are saved in terrain data assets and can be merged with the main project. The main project does not require MapMagic to be installed.

This tool provides level designers with an opportunity to make progress-you can create a useful set of brush charts for yourself. They will speed up and improve the quality of your work.