, Unity插件 – 地形树交互插件 uNature – GPU Grass and Interactable Trees,


file size: 89.1 mb

version: 2.4.2

original Unity version: 5.6.0 or higher

have you ever encountered grass performance problems in unity? Whether it’s the peak, the overall performance, or the features that come with it? Have you ever thought of interacting with topographic trees easily? Then uNature is what you are looking for!

uNature is a powerful and well-documented system that can deal with grass and interactive trees.

currently, uNature handles grass very differently from other systems in the Asset Store, and has many features, such as

very powerful program lawn mechanics (draw anywhere you want in the scene, whether it’s terrain or any type of surface that doesn’t affect performance. Note that there is currently no support for multiple stacked surfaces [planning multiple layers])

* FULL LODs support includes grid lods support and density-based LOD. Fully multithreaded

supports color mapping (reading colors from surfaces), dynamic surfaces and fast translucent

support shadow casting, custom render layers for each prototype, LOD and separate wind settings. Work on GPU

and make full use of the machine’s power. Reduces all spikes owned by unity grasses and allows immediate grass modification. Yes, this means that there is no need to rebuild the patch! Full support for Unity 5.5 and later GPU instantiation

is fully modular, can be customized for almost any scenario, and can be used on any platform except the Android version of Shader Model 2.

is copied exactly from the terrain and can be set up in your project in 2 minutes.

interaction (Touch Bending and more coming)

has documented and very clean code.

comes with very clear documentation and API documentation.

but so on, uNature doesn’t just deal with grass, it also adds interaction to the terrain tree, which allows you:

to add any kind of interaction to the tree on the terrain.

comes with a built-in “harvesting” tree example script, which works well.

is super modular and scalable.

integrates with UFPS, Photon Cloud, Photon Bolt, Forge Networking, UNet.