Unity插件 – 植被引擎 The Vegetation Engine | Amplify Impostors Module

2024.03.02 Updated plug-in version

Version: 12.5.0

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.0 or later

Vegetation Engine is a set of high-quality shaders and tools designed to unify third-party vegetation under the same system. Use standard, universal or HD rendering pipelines to enable high-quality wind motion, interactions, seasons, humidity, underground, height-based mixing and more for all vegetation assets!

Amplify Imposters is a modern and flexible impostor creation tool for baking high-density geometry into quadrangles while retaining the original coloring! Impostors can move, rotate, scale, receive and cast shadows, intersect with other objects or impostors, and can be used with LODGroup or any LOD system.


Vegetation engine system support: motion, season, overlay, humidity

Vegetation engine element support: color, overlay, humidity, Alpha, motion interaction, wind

Real transmission support in standard RP and URP| Diffusion profile transfer support in new


transmission| All light types are now supported with new

delay and subsurface shader type support| The new


support for baking details of bark and props| The new

enhanced shader editor supports

zero-use global keywords

includes basic presentation scenarios


? Need a device (desktop/high-end mobile device) that supports Shader Model 4.5+

? Do not support Oculus Quest and other mobile-based VR devices


? URP12 Deep Primers cannot be used with impostors (URP14 is supported)

? Can HDRP and TAA cause the imposter’s results to be blurred

? Lightmap baking using impostors is not supported and is out of scope!