Unity插件 – 植被引擎地形细节模块 The Vegetation Engine | Terrain Details Module

2023.10.28 Updated plug-in version

file size: 11.0 MB

version: 12.0

support Unity version: 2020.3.0 or higher


Vegetation Engine·Terrain Details Module introduces the functionality of the vegetation engine into the terrain details shader. Enable high-quality wind, interaction, coloring, snow, leaf count and distance fade for your grass and flower details! The terrain detail module works with any tool designed for use in terrain detail systems, such as Gaia, MapMagic, MegaWorld, etc.

Note that this module contains replacement shaders for older versions of the terrain detail system. This module is not needed when using GPU Instanced terrain details or alternative renderers such as Nature Renderer or GPU Instancer!


Vegetation engine system support: movement, season, superposition, humidity

Vegetation engine elements support: Color, overlay, humidity, Alpha, motion interaction, motion direction, motion flow, Wind

High-quality wind animation

Global alpha threshold control

Zoom in shader editor support

Use zero global keyword

Including complete source code

Including presentation scenes

○ Limit

? Shader Model 2 devices (TVE restrictions)

are not supported? Shadow casting is not supported (Unity restriction)

“? HDRP and URP (Unity Restrictions)

are not supported? The size element (terrain detail limit)

“? Grassland billboards

are not supported