Unity插件 – 第三人称相机 Third Person Camera

File size: 39.0 MB


Original Unity Version: 2020.3.36 or later


” Third-person Camera “uses advanced features to alleviate problems for content creators and players. Whether it’s free form, automatic following or locking on a target. This resource is the ultimate package to help you start developing games rather than camera systems. The new feature in


1.0.8 is a major rewrite and integrates adventure mode, out-of-the-box support for sports character controllers and Unity’s new input system.


-Collision sensitivity:

The spherical collision algorithm ensures that the camera does not pinch any geometry.

-Smart Pivot:

sets a pivot point when the camera hits the ground while looking up and prevents the character from blocking the view.

-Thickness check:

thickness check can be configured to ignore smaller obstacles, such as sticks, trees, etc., rather than reposition or zoom in on the camera.

-Over the shoulder:

supports games that use additional camera offsets for aiming out of the box, without having to change the character’s axis of rotation or offset the target position.

-Follow mode:


automatically track specified targets without manually adjusting the camera. Smart LookAt mode keeps the target within the field of view and prefers rotation rather than position change. When moving around corners, the pre-emptive sweep also spins before the target leaves view.

-Align with slope:

automatically aligns the camera up or down when the target is on a slope.

-Lock Mode:

is an easy-to-set lock mode that keeps players and your target focused.

-Support for old and new input systems

-Out-of-the-box integration of free KCC (Sports Character Controller) resources

It has no other scripting dependencies, is easy to configure, and has strong scalability through clean C#code writing.