Unity插件 – 第三人称控制器 Third Person Controller – Humanoid Basics

File size: 99.5MB

Version: 3.0.1

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.11 or later

Humanoid Basics is a small framework for creating third-person games. Equipped with a basic third-person camera.

Humanoid Basics is the perfect solution for creating any third-person game. It is a simple sports character controller designed to have the smoothest third-person control and perform well in all events. Originally based on a GTA III style controller. Core characteristics of



-Character settings (player or NPC)(one-click settings)

-Contains 6 weapon preforms

-Automatic Muppet

-Shooting System

-Swimming New

-Switch target side

-Tilt when aiming




-Walking and running

-Camera collision

-Template containing all necessary animations

-Humanoid artificial intelligence

-The same abilities as humanoid players

-A* Pathfinding

-Pick up and use weapons.

-full-sport artificial intelligence + climbing and swimming.

-Shooting mechanism.

-custom implementation-navigated grid proxy.