Unity插件 – 第三人称控制器插件 Eadon RPG for Invector

File size: 15.7MB

Latest version: 2.4.0a

Original Unity version: 2020.3.43 or higher

Inductor’s Eadon RPG is the best role-playing game plug-in for Inductor third-person controllers

Important! Prior to the update, the older version (Assets/Cogs & Goggles/Eadon RPG for Invector and Assets/Cogs & Goggles/Shaders)

Invector TPC’s Eadon RPG is a role-playing game add-on to the Invector series of third-person controllers, adding a complex character management system based on all classic metaphors of role-playing games.

has the following characteristics:

-Multiple statistics (fully customizable)

-Multiple skills (fully customizable)

-Race and class system (fully customizable)

-Spell mana system

-Statistics and skills affect maximum health, maximum endurance, maximum mana, Damage and weight

-Statistical and skill check

-Resistance system with conditional effects

-Race/class-based resistance

-Equipment bonus/resistance

-Weight system, Including limitations and effects when overloading

-Spelling management and editors

-Experience points and levels

-Supplier systems

-Clothing systems

-Talent systems

-Storage systems

-Integration with kripto289 series effector assets