Unity插件 – 平铺地图加速器 Tile Map Accelerator file size: 2.6 MB Version: 1.4 Supported Unity Version: 2020.3.7 or higher

Tile Map Accelerator is a powerful shader-based tile map renderer that delivers excellent performance for huge tile maps on any DirectX 11-compatible platform.


seamlessly zoom in and out of giant tile maps based on zoom levels, with absolutely no transitions, LOD or code-based optimizations. TMA believes that there is no difference between rendering several tiles or an entire map.

This asset is more than just a tile map renderer. It includes scripts for tiling map interaction, runtime map editing, animation, auto-tiling and even auto-tiling transition capabilities to ensure that you’re up and running

Key asset features:

-the ultimate tile map rendering shader using “texture bombing” technology.

-Each grid can render up to 16384 x 16384 tiled maps without frame rate reduction at any zoom level.