Unity插件 – 时间轴和过场动画编辑器 Cinema Director

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Original Unity Version: 4.6.1 or higher

Powerful story control Starting with Cinema Director, a visual Timeline editor for creating cutscenes. Sort events in your Unity project in minutes. Write your own events and scripts to control. Cinema Director is Unity’s


modular Timeline editor and sequencer. It enables game developers, film professionals, and YouTube users to control, sort, and manipulate almost any Unity game object and its associated attributes, allowing dynamic cutscenes and in-game sorting, all without the need for scripting or programming. Contains more tools and options than the Unity Timeline.


-allows you to control the lens track that switches between the camera. – Makes audio tracks quickly and easily edited in Unity. – An extensible action/event library with more than 60 actions that allows triggering transitions, animations (Legacy/Mecanim), physics, and more. – Real-time Timeline scrubbing and audio preview allow you to fine-tune projects without having to run Unified in playback mode. – Advanced curve editing for manipulating attributes over time. – Actors and multiple actors are grouped to keep your sequence organized. – Film director themes that change the look and feel of scenes through themes such as horror, black, and fantasy sequences. – Open source runtime code. – Easily create storyboards for your projects using our storyboard capture tool. – More great features that creative minds will love!