Unity插件 – 工具包插件 Mesh Baker

File size: 71.1MB

Version: 3.34.3

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.0 or later

Improve performance! Combine grids and materials to reduce batch sizes! Mesh Baker is a powerful toolkit with flexible, non-disruptive workflows for optimizing props and scenarios. Unity’s most famous optimization tool. Five-star support and updates since 2012.

* Create an atlas or texture array for prop groups * Find, group, and combine grids in large complex scenes * Modify prop preforms to use atlas materials * Support URP, HDRP, Standard piping * Works with built-in and custom shaders * Create atlases for materials that use hues * Support props for multiple materials * Handle tiled textures * Combine customization and add props to the skin mesh * Create customizable skin mesh Role * Combine skin mesh with blended shapes * UV, Normal, Automatic tangent adjustment * lightmap support * Mixing and matching flexible workflow tools * Runtime API