Unity插件 – 触摸控制系统插件 Control Freak 2 – Touch Input Made Easy

File size: 11.3 MB

Version: 2.8.10

Original Unity Version: 2018.4.36 or later

Control Freak 2 is a multi-platform input system that supports multi-touch, accelerometers, keyboards, mice and game controllers.


allow your games to run across platforms without touching a single line of code! Main features of


* Advanced touch control system can perfectly simulate traditional input sources (digital, analog, incremental, scrolling and even low-level touch). The


screen controls can consist of buttons, joysticks, steering wheel, trackpad and super touch area. The state of a touch control can be bound to virtual keys, called buttons and axes. Super Touch Zone is the most advanced type of control in the package that allows you to bind all imaginable finger gestures-for example, a single-finger click can serve as a right-mouse click, and a horizontal swipe with three fingers can simulate a mouse wheel and a two-finger-finger twist gesture can be bound to the simulated axis of the rotating camera!

* Simple API-You don’t have to learn a new API or rebuild code to use an event-based input system… Familiar static classes like input will make you feel at home.

* The script converter will automatically convert your project’s scripts! (Unity Input Manager API only)

* With the Control Freak Assistant, you can quickly create a custom input device with touch controls in just a few clicks.