Unity插件 – UI 粒子系统 UI Particle System

File size: 2.9 MB

Version: 1.37

Original Unity Version: 2019.2.9 or later

UI Particle System is an advanced solution for 3D particles used in the Unity GUI. With this plug-in, you won’t have to worry about changing the sort order, adding multiple canvases, etc. With it, you can add particles to the GUI in just a few quick steps. The

UI particle system is also suitable for mobile devices, and its very efficient deep buffer makes its performance very cheap. Characteristics of


: Render particles on the GUI based on custom depth buffers-Full support for the Shuriken particle system (just change the shader)-Culling mask feature (So that you can use particles in scrolling views, etc.)-Easy to use settings componentsAdditional UI particle system-Advanced, highly customizable particle shader-Support for soft particles to blend with the GUI-Available distortion effects for the GUI-Translucent/Translucent culling masks and non-overlapping depth objects (beta)

are perfect for: Effects of special GUI elements such as buttons or other interactive elements-bonus effects with complex and advanced particles-game card effect