Unity插件 – 终极编辑器增强器 Ultimate Editor Enhancer

File size: 10.5MB

Latest version: 3.15.1

Original Unity version: 2020.1.0 or later

Use the Ultimate Editor Enhancer (Ultimate Productivity Toolkit) to raise your productivity in the Unity Editor to a new level! This powerful tool simplifies your workflow, improves the editor’s built-in behavior, and adds new features to take your editing experience to a new level. With Ultimate Editor Enhancer, you can easily enhance the scene view, inspector, hierarchy, project and editor itself. It also provides a range of tools for fast object navigation, creation and manipulation. Upgrade your editing games and simplify your workflow with Ultimate Editor Enhancer! The main characteristics of


is very easy to use. Even beginners can learn how to use it in minutes. Many functions do not require learning at all. They were supposed to be out of the box in the editor, but for some reason they were lost. Suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter what role you play in the project or what stage your project is at. Ultimate Editor Enhance can help you now and save you hours of housework every day. Plenty of tools. An asset contains more than 100 useful tools for everyone. Seamless integration into the editor workflow. Many features are integrated into the editor, so you’ll immediately forget that it’s not part of an out-of-the-box editor. Perfect performance. Ultimate Editor Enhancer is highly optimized and has little impact on the speed of the editor. Fully customizable. If certain features are not suitable for your workflow, you can adjust or disable it. Very well recorded. This asset includes complete documentation for each feature and an illustrated getting started guide.