Unity插件 – 赛车漂移车辆控制器 Universal Vehicle Controller

2023.06.19 Updated version

File Size:265.8 MB


Original Unity Version:2020.3.21 or higher

vehicle controller with highly customizable vehicle behavior, damage systems, AI, and more. This asset will help you develop racing games. The

Universal Vehicle Controller (UVC) is an asset on which you can build racing games with excellent physical characteristics. UVC is suitable for creating different types of races: standard racing, drift, linear acceleration, bicycles, etc. UVC has the ability to play local multiplayer games (split screen). A feature of this asset is the ability to create a simple car arcade physics, so any player can play games created based on UVC, even without experience playing racing games. The asset is easy to configure and the configuration process is described in the documentation.

UVC has artificial intelligence (AI) suitable for different game modes: drift, racing, and chasing. The asset has a convenient AI path editor. You can watch the AI demonstration in a video or in an asset demonstration version in an AI scenario.

UVC is great for mobile projects. The assets contain 3 types of mobile input and good optimizations. You can check optimizations and controls by installing a demo version of android.

UVC assets come with visual effects (tire smoke/dust, tire tracks), vehicle light control system, vehicle damage system. All of this makes the game more interesting.

This asset supports add-ons: URP, InputSystem, FMOD. Installation instructions are in the documentation.

For all questions related to assets, you can contact me, and the contact information has been indicated in the publisher’s information.