Unity插件 – 城市交通系统 Urban Traffic System

file size: 783.mb

Latest version: 2018.2

Support Unity version: 2021.1.24 or later

We have fixed some errors. Improved the system’s traffic light system, added pedestrian rag doll functions, and made night transportation with bright headlights… Now to talk about the project: The resource contains low polygon models of 31 different transportation vehicles, each with a LOD and 11 character models, each with four LODS, necessary to create urban transportation. For example: 1. Mountain Biking 2. Motor bicycle 3. Scooter 4. Van 5. Motorcycle 6. Car 7. Truck 8. Semi-trailer 9. Bus

Information about character model polygons: LOD0 = 4930 LOD1 = 2466 LOD2 = 1478 LOD3 = 984 LOD4 = 490 This resource supports mobile platforms, but there can only be a small number of cars and pedestrians in the scene. Otherwise, weaker phones cannot withstand too many polygons. This is why these low-polygon models are used, but with high-quality textures. In addition, all cars have LOD. Each model has a standard set of textures: 1. Diffusion 2. Mirror 3. Smooth surface 4. Normal 5. Mask