Unity插件 – 矢量线条图形工具 Shapes file size: 1.3 MB

version: 4.1.3

Support Unity version: 2018.4.27 or better

Shapes is a real-time vector gallery with high-quality line drawings and infinite resolution graphics, and rendering with advanced anti-aliasing technology

features high-quality line drawings with random thicknesses and advanced anti-aliasing·Thickness units can be specified in meters, Pixels or nodes· 2D shapes such as polylines, discs, arcs, pie shapes, rectangles and more· 3D shapes such as spheres, torus, cubes, cones, 3D lines and more·Easy to use component-based shapes with adjustable parameters·Immediate mode API for code-based painting and support for viewing tools·Highly GPU-based. Almost no need to adjust parameters·Support GPU instantiation·Support for single-channel instantiation VR rendering

wb: assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/shapes-173167