Unity插件 – 车辆模拟物理系统 NWH Vehicle Physics 2

2024.04.18 Updated version

file size: 423.2 MB

Version: 2.V11.25f2

Support Unity Version: 2020.3.8 or higher

NWH Vehicle Physics 2 is a complete Unity vehicle simulation package. Realistic, easy to use and highly customizable. Key features of

·It can be set up easily and quickly, automatically loads all default settings, and uses a verification system that reminds developers of all setup issues.·Modular vehicle architecture. Enable or disable vehicle components as needed, either manually or through the built-in LOD system.·Power system solvers have excellent performance, stability and physical accuracy.·All aspects of the vehicle can be adjusted during operation-including powertrain, suspension, friction, special effects, etc.·External module systems. Add or remove features as needed. Modules are easy to write and can modify almost any part of vehicle behavior.·Ship and use the wheel controller 3D instead of the wheel collision body. It provides ground detection of the entire lower half of the wheel, is highly customizable, and uses advanced friction models.·Inspection of each wheel surface. Provide different friction curves, sounds and effects for each surface.·Input system based on an easy-to-expand interface that supports standard Unity inputs, Unity’s new input system and mobile controls, out of the box.·Support Logitech, Thrustmaster and other steering wheels with force feedback.·A custom editor for all scripts makes it easy to browse this resource. To this end, we developed NUI-an editor GUI framework to maintain a consistent visual effect across the entire resource.·Support for ‘Photon Unity Networking 2’ and ‘Mirror’ multiplayer game solutions.·Highly optimized code can run on desktops and mobile devices. All vehicles added up, desktop presentations take less than 0.5 milliseconds of total CPU time per frame.·Everything shown in the presentation is included in the resource pack. – Contains the complete C#source code.