Unity插件 – 可视化节点编辑器 FlowCanvas

File size: 1.2 MB

Version: 3.3.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.48 or higher

FlowCanvas is a powerful, rich visual scripting solution from Unity that gives you the ability to create and manipulate any aspect of game elements similar to the Unity Blueprints without requiring too deep programming knowledge.

FlowCanvas gives you the complete flexibility you have only in code. With an intuitive visual node editor, you can create things, even full game mechanics, from quick prototypes without having to write any code.


designers: You can prototype, iterate, and fully implement your ideas without coding, while learning how the code works in an interesting way. If you are familiar with Unreal Blueprints, this will be handy to use.

programmers: Interface deeper into your code and create decoupling systems with simple, fully documented APIs and/or provide designers with new self-contained nodes.


create and manipulate gameplay elements by combining events, flow controllers, and function nodes, including but not limited to:


● Player controls.● Level design events.● Game mechanics.● User interface.● Player interaction.● Resource management system.● There are many more!

FlowCanvas is a production framework for exquisite games, including Graveyard Keeper, Deadhold, Memories Retold, Frankie’s Revenge and more.