Unity插件 – 视觉小说引擎 Naninovel – Visual Novel Engine

2023.05.08 Updated version

File Size: 2.6 MB

Version: 1.18.2

Support Unity Version: 2019.4.35 or higher

“Naninovel is a universal solution for creating full-featured visual fiction support, quickly building your projects using easy-to-write tools.

text-based scripts designed for script writers naninovel scripts -a unique feature of the engine-allow you to quickly develop complex text-adventure games based on text files and use a common text editor, writing your story without code! The complete features of


have many of the features that visual novels should have: text typewriters, skipping and automatic advancement, read and save systems, character voices, transitions and special effects, conditional sentence flow, and more.


advanced visual effects are based on Unity engine support, so you can take advantage of all the features supported by modern GPUs; create your own unique visual effects, or use rich built-in effects.


provide optimal cross-platform support for all modern platforms: desktop, mobile, game consoles and web browsers. One development and release on the entire platform! The


extensions provide open API support. Based on this resource-related engine support, implant your own functional implementation, add new features, or integrate them into existing projects.

Player custom modifications Creating games with Naninovel can be easily customized by players to add new design scenarios, resources and localization support. Just open your game and let players create their own stories and have their own fan base!