Unity插件 – 体积云、天空、模块化天气 UniStorm

2023.07.10 Updated plug-in version

version: 5.3.1

File size: 138.6mb

Support Unity version: 2018.4.27 or higher

UniStorm is the ultimate solution for AAA dynamic skies, weather, cloud shadows and programmatic volume clouds. UniStorm includes more than 100 customizable features to bring your environment to life. Even the appearance of the cloud can be customized. Listening to user feedback makes UniStorm more humane and easy to use. UniStorm is very powerful and gives you options to adjust every component in the sky. As long as you can imagine it, you can do it!

built-in support of the Photon PUN2 network UniStorm contains everything you need to use UniStorm with PUN2, allowing PUN2 to synchronize the weather, time and date of multiple UniStorm players. Contains an example scenario. Big mist Big mist takes into account the direction of sunlight and moonlight and the application of color to scenes, UniStorm’s clouds and sky boxes. Cloud Shadow Efficient real-time screen space cloud shadows to match current clouds and cloud types to add realistic visual effects. 4k stars with precise constellation arrangements UniStorm’s night sky contains 4k stars and precise constellation arrangements. There are options in the editor to control the tightness of the constellation. Programmatic Aurora UniStorm allows users to customize the intensity, color, condition and more of aurora based on weather type!